Tuesday, October 12, 2010


While we mostly remain on a low-budget, homemade-food diet, I sometimes treat myself to letting someone else cook. When on-campus, this normally means "La Crepe", an authentic Alsatian mini-bistro that serves crepes exclusively. Michel and his crew have magically reproduced crepes exactly as my Grand-mere from Alsatian culture made hers. And, like my dear grand-mere, they don't keep the recipes a secret. Here's Michel's website if you want to cook a crepe at home:


This last Friday Dave and I had lunch at Michel's bistro, and were happily joined by one of David's physics classmates, Francesca, who like David, has chosen to continue on at UCD in their fine graduate program after graduating here this last June. She graduated with honors and all have high hopes for her. Also, while Dave passed the first half of the Preliminary Exam (yay!), Francesca told us Friday that she passed the whole thing with her very first try! Kuddos, Francesca! We enjoyed our crepes and our conversation, and all had "un merveilleux temps".