Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hi, readers. Thanks for being here. For those of you who have someone autistic in your life, I hope that reading this story of my autistic son's life can help you in some way.

According to the little graph that shows how many readers visit per day, there are hundreds of you reading without actually joining my "Google Friend Connect" or clicking on my "follow" button. Welcome!! While there are a few autistic theoretical physicists, David is AMERICA'S ONLY SAVANT AUTISTIC PHYSICS EXPERIMENTALIST, because experimentation is dangerous and so requires someone like me--  a personal assistant to assure safety.

David's uniqueness makes him an important pioneer for others to follow, so it is important for me to keep up with this blog. Therefore, I apologize for the times when I need to take a break from the internet to focus on real world activities for a while. The last couple months have been such a break, and it will continue for another few weeks.

Please be patient with me, and in the meantime, if you're a new reader, you might enjoy comparing the nervousness in my earlier posts, when I didn't know if Dave would do okay at "the big university" with my calm, happy recent posts about Dave's successes in research physics. I laugh when I read those old posts, now that everything has worked out fine.