Friday, March 25, 2011

Lifeskill update-- flying

A lot of autistic people have a difficult time growing accustomed to flight travel, so I've designed a program to help David ease into it. We're starting by just watching planes land and take off at the local airport, and having David study statistics, so that he can see how much safer flying is than driving.

Next, we'll get into a small Cessna at a local airport.

23rd Birthday!

Happy twenty-third birthday to Dave! David's birthday coincides with Saint Patrick's Day, but this year we had to celebrate on a different day because March 17 fell right in the middle of Dave's final exams.

In the photos above, you can see David at Old Spaghetti Factory with friends Diane and Greg (lower photo). In the top photo, you can see a very close close-up of Dave's face, and then from left to right are Maddy, Tim, Ed, Norman, Graciela and Brandon. A fine feast and happiness were shared by all that evening. Peace...