Saturday, May 5, 2018

A warning about housing for my middle class and "wealthy" friends about the SLS-Section 8 "Vicious Cycle"

Okay, here we go with the next big challenge--  post-college housing!!  Once again, my own childhood and adolescence in the environment of "the 1% world", followed by my early adult years spent in the "middle class" has worked against me in my role as David's primary resource net-worker. I assumed that my son's college education would be enough to assure him a prosperous, secure future. As David has explained in his posts at  Aide Dependent Autistic Professional   , having a college degree does not guarantee the ability to earn a surviving wage. (See also "Autism Job Club" by Michael Bernick and Richard Holden for an explanation of this phenomenon). Therefore, even college-educated adults with autism often need SSI to pay rent and food.

So, here's the warning to my middle class and wealthy friends-- To help your child with autism prepare for the future, you need to study SSI and Section 8 before he, she or she/he reaches adulthood. Then, no matter how wealthy you are, on your child's 18th birthday, get him onto the Section 8 wait-list in your own county, and in nearby counties. I wish I'd learned about the Section 8/SLS "vicious cycle" way back when David first started college so that I could have gotten him onto the waiting lists back then. Oooooooooooooooops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First, some vocabulary--
  • SLS (Supported Living Services)-- provides Regional Center-funded staff to allow adults with intellectual disabilities and with developmental disabilities (such as autism) to live in apartments or houses rather than institutional settings such as CCF's and HCF's.
  •  Section 8--
For those lucky enough to get a Section 8 Voucher, this subsidy supplements the autistic adult's SSI well enough so that these two resources allow adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities to be able to afford a one-bedroom, "affordable housing" apartment.

Second, a big warning for parents who think they can avoid these concerns by forcing their son or daughter into a CCF, HCF or any other housing against their will--

God bless America and California, because each adult privileged to hold U.S. citizenship and California residence has the right to strive to afford the living situation that best serves the objectives of one's community integrated life. If the autistic adult is not mute, and can speak for himself,  (AND is a client of the Regional Center), then IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT THE PARENT WANTS AS THE HOUSING OPTION.

Gone are the days of "placing" adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities into housing that parents and case workers decide is best. The IPP is now designed according to the "Person Centered Plan", and the IPP reflects THE DECISION OF THE ADULT WITH AUTISM whether to live in a CCF, HCF, shared house or apartment, or in one's own apartment with staff to help. (Reminder:  There are no more Developmental Centers (DC's).

Finally, a statement of David's problem (and possibly your own adult child's future problem?)--

David's IPP and ISP state that he chooses to live in Davis, California because it is close to his Vocational Rehabilitation program called "Community and Employment Services" (a division of "Progressive Employment Concepts"). He would also like to live in his own apartment with the help of Supported Living Services staff. However, it will be a long, long time (if ever) before David can earn enough to pay market prices for rent in Davis. (See "Autism Job Club" by Michael Bernick and Richard Holden to understand why college educated adults with autism end up on SSI).

Because he can't handle a long workday, SSI pays David's rent and food, but because I failed to get David onto Section 8 wait-lists early enough, he cannot afford his own home.

No problem? Just share an apartment?
That's what I thought!

Not "no problem", though. Here is where the "Vicious Cycle" really, really kicks in. And, unfortunately, my hour per day dedicated to online typing is up, and I must get back to my overly full to-do list....    so, stay tuned for my explanation of the "Section 8- SLS Vicious Cycle"...

Thursday, January 25, 2018

News from David's blog: Yolo County resources

News from David's blog: Yolo County and California Resources:                                                           My autistic son, David, posted a list of the specific resources he's accessing (or soon to access) in his home county of Yolo, as well as those available statewide in California for people with autism or another type of intellectual or developmental disability. If you know someone in our county or state with a developmental disability, please share this information with them. If you are the family member, teacher, coworker, employer, fellow worshiper, or neighbor of an autistic person, or who has another type of intellectual or developmental disability (I/DD), please follow these links and study some of the information there. To be included in the community safely and healthfully, people with I/DD need others to understand their needs. Thanks!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Self Determination Program! Watch this great video for information!

From the awesome consumers of California's Central Valley Regional Center is this great information video for anyone interested in the "Self Determination Program":

Friday, November 17, 2017

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act-- Here is the text to read for yourselves...

Just click here, and you can read it. It doesn't take many paragraphs to see that, although there are a few benefits to the middle class, this law primarily reduces the tax "burden"*** to the wealthy, and transfers that burden to the poor--   especially the disabled poor, who will die without health insurance. I still have an old dusty copy of of the Disney classic "Peter Pan". Perhaps I'll watch it on Thanksgiving, and name this new law: "the Bad Prince John law".

Please click this link to see if you agree or disagree:

God bless America.
***I think that this law reminds our nation's poor elderly, and younger people with disabilities, that those wealthy who are without disabilities see them as a "burden", rather than as our "fellow Americans".

Sunday, October 22, 2017

College and Career Autism Dream

Hi All,

Once again, it's nearly bedtime, and I never got time for a proper blog today. I have big plans to write about the why's, wherefore's and origins of our new support group, "College and Career Autism Dream" (CCAD).

In the meantime, please join our group by "friending" me at Facebook:

Also, please "like" our Facebook page:


Thursday, October 5, 2017

Happening Now! The "Supported Life Institute" October Conference!

Hi there, Californians with disabilities, their family, staff, facilitators, advisors, and visitors to our state!

The Supported Life Institute autumn 2017 conference, "Designing Dreams: Blueprint for a Meaningful Life", is happening Thursday, October 5 and Friday, October 6 in Sacramento.

Click here to see the brochure:          BROCHURE

Friday, September 15, 2017

 Attention College Students and Professionals With Disabilities!!!!         Join now!    

At long last, those heroes of self-advocacy at "College Students and Professionals with Disabilities", (Sacramento Region), as well as their ever-helpful advisers and friends, have gotten their YouTube 
 plan, as well as their Facebook 
 page "up-n-running!". Congratulations! 

Step 1:           View their stories of college students and professionals sharing their strategies for survival at school and in the workplace at YouTube:


Amanda's Story: 

Step 2:             
Read tips and strategies from other college students and professionals with disabilities at the Facebook page:


 Step 3:  Be among the first Self-Advocacy Heroes to join the new "College Students and Professionals, Sacramento Region" Facebook group!

Then, post your own story at the Facebook page. When you tell your story, you help others!

Remember, it takes courage to get out there and try for your dreams when you have a disability. So, congratulations to you! YOU ARE HEROES just for trying!     Keep going...