Monday, September 20, 2010

Graduate School and a Big Change

Oops!! How did I let the summer go by without posting? To quickly sum up the summer-- In June and July, Dave and I took a fun geology trip to Lassen National Park, another to hike up Yosemite Falls and Vernal falls, and then visited people we never have time to see in places like Sonoma County and the Bay Area. We also had some great parties to celebrate Dave's graduation. We are blessed with wonderful friends. Also, it was the first serious slow-down I've had in years, and I loved it!

And now, the BIG NEWS! David has changed from his undergraduate interest of high energy physics to condensed matter physics. He spent August researching with a condensed matter group. The group and Dave enjoyed working with each other, so he is staying with them throughout graduate school. Wow. A lot of us had thought he'd never leave high energy. "Never say never"...

Last week Dave and the other incoming UCD graduate physics majors got to try the preliminary exam (normally taken at the end of the first year classes). We'll see...

This week, the term officially begins, and David is off to a happy start.

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