Sunday, November 6, 2016

Welcome back to old reader-friends, and welcome aboard to new reader-friends!

After taking a longer break than expected, I have renamed, and re-started my blog! Wow! We did it! Since the last blog post, David went on to earn his masters and his doctorate degrees in physics from UC Davis. He traded experimentation for theoretical and computational physics, and ended up with a broader dissertation subject than his original topic of topological insulators alone.

What a successful partnership between David and me, our wonderful team at UC Davis and other agencies and friendships who helped us along the way, with God as CEO. For those of you with autistic sons and daughters aiming for college, you might want to start clicking on the previous years to the right, and read my old posts. They will give you a hint of what's on the horizon if your son or daughter has aide-dependent autism, and a Big Dream, too.

I'm also posting what we're up to now, in our new post-college life, involving transition from me functioning as David's "staff" to others taking over for me, while I decide upon my new career directions.

I'll start with this great photograph of David with his friend Zachary enjoying life at the Special Olympics bowling tournament. Special Olympics was one of the many healthy, happy activities we had no time for back in his college days, which David now has time to enjoy. Ahhh! A more balanced life!


  1. Mary and David, Kudos on entering this new phase of life, and congrats on all the achievements and milestones reached to get to this point. You both have many accomplishments to celebrate. I look forward to hearing about the new directions you each pursue. Mary, you have become so knowledgeable and have much to share, and you are a good writer. Perhaps a book is in your future? Hugs, - Karen

  2. David's accomplishments are inspirational, and Mary's love for her son is beautiful.